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Plan a Bachelorette or Birthday Party without Breaking the Bank!

Dear Bridesmaid and Birthday Girl:

Are you in the dilemma of planning a bachelorette party or your dirty 30, 40, 50, 60... you get the point...on a budget? Are the bride-to- be’s friends or your Bestie too cheap to tango? Having to worry about cost when planning for a life event can be stressful, but fortunately for you – Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED of Dallas Tx created a solution. With our cost effective party packages you can plan a private pole dance party event for an average price of just $31 per person (even sometimes less!).  


Our party packages are priced to help you accommodate almost any budget and share the cost of the fun.

Our party packages are designed to be all you need to have a fully functional and memorable event even if you decide to stick with our most basic packages. We also give you the opportunity to add your flare on it by bringing in your personalized food and drink* set up, decoration theme, vendors, and more. You and your guest list will have the entire dance studio to yourselves and your own dance hostess who who’s only mission is to make sure everyone has the time of their lives! We are flexible to your needs and understand every party story is unique. We believe party seekers shouldn’t have to compromise their fun experience for the sake of a discount.

Get in touch with our Pole Party team to discuss your options while space lasts (CLICK HERE TO BE CONTACTED) We Stay Very Busy and You Don’t Want to Miss This Opportunity!

Dallas Pole Dance Parties

We Suggest

the All Inclusive Premium Party Package 

Starting at $31 / pp*

*Group Rates still apply. Package pricing based on total guest count.

Planning a Girls Night Out in Dallas?

Got a group of friends and need something to do in Dallas or Ft. Worth other than the nightclubs? Want to add something to your Dinner plans? Come Pole at one of our local Dance Studios for your next Ladies Night Out soiree or for your women's group activities. We can teach playful and flirty dance routines or get down to business in a sultry seductive routine. 

We Suggest


Starting at $23 / pp*

*Group Rates still apply. Package pricing based on total guest count

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