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Most Popular Questions About Booking a Pole Dance Party

What's required to book a pole party?

We need to know the date and time you want to book, then we collect a retainer (also known as deposit) to secure your pole party. Final guest count is not due until the final balance is paid, which is 2 days before your event by 5:00 pm CST. Request to Book HERE

Additional information about the retainer: All Retainers are non-refundable, however in the unfortunate event you must cancel we can reschedule your event with a reschedule fee or provide future in house credit to be used towards a pole party or classes.

Can I bring decorations, food, alcohol to my party?

We welcome outside food, decorations, and your own alcohol (with the proper package or add on). Decorations may not be secured to the walls, poles, or any studio equipment. This includes removeable command strips. Our pole studio has a kitchen area with a small fridge, a seating area, and space for a food set up. 

Need Pole Party decoration ideas? See HERE

Do I need to have dance experience to have a pole party?

Come as you are. All pole parties are taught on a beginner level. We teach basic pole tricks that use both hands and legs for safety and we also work off of your physical capabilities no matter what the level is. Many of our pole party guests have never touched a dance pole before and we are always thrilled to be the first ones to teach you. If for any reason you are not a beginner, the instructor can modify the lesson to meet your learning needs. 

What's all included with a pole party?

While we offer different party packages, all parties come standard with a private studio rental, a personalized dance instructor, beginner friendly pole dance lesson, your choice of music, professional party lighting, and responsive professional client service. We do not provide food, personalized decorations, or alcohol. For some packages and add ons we do provide mixers and water. 

Is there an age limit to book a pole party? 

We offer pole parties to various age groups. We are the only pole dance studio in the DFW that offers teen pole parties styled in an age-appropriate way for age groups 13-16 years old. For ages 17 and up standard pole parties are available for booking. All persons under the age of 18 years old will need parental/guardian approval to participate. 

Do I need to tip my dance instructor? 

We don't force tipping, but our dance party hosts work hard to earn it. Our priority is your event and the special guests you have invited. We leave the tip to your discretion. Party Well done? On average tips are 15-20% of the entire bill. If you are unhappy with our hostess for any reason - please notify us immediately so we can address your concerns - 

Can I rent to studio and hire my own pole instructor?

Yes, you may rent the pole studio at the same rate of booking a pole party and bring in your own pole dance instructor. We will require a denial of pole instruction and additional release of liability form to be signed at time of service. We will still have a team member on hand to ensure the event goes seamless.

What should I wear to my pole party?

It is Your Party and You should be comfortable! There are tricks to our trade (no pun intended) We recommend shorts, tanks, and socks. Some other past guests have worn leggings, t shirts, heels, body suits, fishnets, and themed outfits. High heels are not required, but you are welcome to bring them. 

How soon do I need to book my pole party?

All parties are reserved on a first reserve, first book basis. As soon as you are certain you want to book a pole party - Just Do It :) Don't allow uncertainty of guest count put you at risk of losing your spot!  We can always finalize guest count later.  Ready to secure your date? Click HERE

Is there a weight limit for the pole?

Pole is for every-body and so we welcome guests of all sizes. Our pole weight limit is 400 lbs. however there are many different pole dance transitions and movements we teach that can make everyone feel welcomed at our events.  

Can men attend my pole dance party? 

Absolutely! We have hosted many pole parties with men as guests and encourage you to bring your male friends to the fun! 

Can I pole dance while pregnant? 

While we are experts at pole dancing, we are unable to offer medical advice to anyone about the safety level of pole dancing and pregnancy. We encourage you to consult your physician ahead of time to ensure you are cleared to participate in the pole party. In the event you are unable to participate in the physical lesson, you are always welcome to be a part of the atmosphere to share laughs and memories with friends. (please note: all guests are a part of the guest count no matter their participation level)

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