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Considering throwing a pole party? Make it a success with these 3 easy tips.

Pole dance is the NEW crave! Well...not really. Pole dancing has been around a long time, and as most know it to be an exotic dancer - taboo type of way. It just seems to be new because this fun new wave of fitness has found it's way to the mainstream. Pole Dancers can be seen almost everywhere now! From social media playground pictures to t.v. commercials, and practically almost everyone knows at least one woman who has found herself at a friends pole party celebration. Now, you have some pole news to celebrate and you are wondering if pole dancing is a great fit for you and some chosen - yet questionable participants. Here are three helpful tips to determine if you should book that wild night in with the ladies!

1. Love - Hate relationship - Do you love fitness or do you absolutely abhor it? Be mindful that although the word "party" is in the title, pole is still a participant sport and will require some level of physical exertion. Although it may be minimal and confined in body rolling, there is still active engagement to be had. If sitting on your rump rather than shaking it sounds like more of a party to you, then Pole Dance Parties may not be in your future. You might opt for a Bingo night!

2. Pour it up! -Yes. We know. You are probably like most women who feel they need a little liquid courage to get the party started right...but if skipping the bar before the party is not an option, you should really reconsider another party alternative. We are sure you have seen the pole dance bloopers, and although some are pretty hysterical, in real life- not so much. We hate to be the "Big Sisters" in all of this, but safety is vital to a great pole dance party, and the liquor - well kinda ruins the safety measures. Plus whirling around on a spinning pole is not necessarily a good idea after a round of shots!

3. Choose Wisely - If we were examining a one on one pole lesson then a guest list wouldn't matter, but since partying alone is no fun - we guess you have to invite some friends. When planning a pole dance party it is best to invite open minded and fun loving participants. Having one, two, or worse a group of party goers who would rather not be frolicking the night away at a pole dance studio could really impact the overall mood of the event. Leave those party poopers at home and bring on the craziest, loudest, most daring friends you can find!

In a nutshell, with the right crowd your pole dance party will be a hit! or should we say a spinning success... Just be sure it is an activity that everyone can enjoy whether or not they intend on playing photographer or treat the party as if they are intending to try out for America's Got Talent Dallas with their newly inherited skills. If in doubt, contact Pole Dance Parties Unlmited - Dallas to consult with the staff about concerns or specific advice for your event.

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