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Party with a NEW Experience - Why Pole Dancing is the BEST Party option!

Explore the Top Benefits of Reserving a Pole Dancing Party with

When you are planning a milestone celebration such as a bachelorette party - "Last Fling Before the Ring" bash or an age milestone such as "Dirty Thirty" or "Flirty Forty" all of these share one common interest...


So what could be more sexier than dim lights, high heels, feathery boas, sexy dance music, and well - a dance pole and you being surrounded by nothing but positive vibes, good people you know, and lots of mirrors to validate just how sexy you are? NOTHING! This is not a sit down type of party where we go over products and toy around with someone elses inventory, or where we have to find ourselves bumping next to strangers in the dark crowded smokey atmosphere standing on guard the whole night to be sure we warding off unwanted conversation.

This experience is about you and self empowerment. This is where learning meets fun and you party with a purpose. There is also no guilt in a pole dance party simply because you are still practically working out! A Pole Dance party with us includes so many key benefits to having a fun night out with the girls there are too many to mention. The most important factors are that they are FUN, memorable, affordable, exclusive, and safe.

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