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Las Vegas Styled Seduction for the BEST Pole Dancing Party FUN!

What better way to host your favorite Bride to Be’s Bachelorette party than an exotic Dance Styled event? As her maid of honor you should send the bride off to her honeymoon with sensual and sexy dance moves that her soon to be husband will delight in! But not without you and the fellow bridal party learning flirtatious pole dancing moves too! This is not your average pole dancing workout class! Pinterest has nothing on these bachelorette party ideas that Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED throws! We have the spinning poles, the sexy walks in 10 different flavors, booty moves, and hip twirls that are sure to keep your party lively and fun. The NO JUDGEMENT Pole dancing poles area is the floor of freedom! Whip your hair, shake your booty, and turn up your favorite song! Your party hostess will be there to make sure everyone learns some favorable dance moves in the private pole dance setting of the night! After the spinning is over you can carry on to the rest of the bachelorette party events of the night with a few more tricks up your sleeves. We also keep the doors open for your return after the party is over so you can continue the pole dancing lessons in regularly semi-tamed classes ;)


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