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To Drink or Not to Drink while Pole Dancing.

Don't let this be YOU! We get it ladies - we hear the word party and our mind says "Bring on the Booze"! But let's think about this for a second. You may not be like our friend photoed above, and say alcohol relaxes me, or I can control myself, or better yet - everyone needs a little liquid courage! but we say there are consequences.

As being in the party and event planning business for years we know that drinking can actually interfere with your pole dancing fun in a negative way. When taken out of moderation you can certainly plan for rowdy and unruly friends who don't listen to the instruction from their party hostess, or who attempt to hijack the party from the Bachelorette or Birthday Girl with their own "Look at me" agenda. They will be the loudest in the dance studio and now you and the other level headed pole dancing participants can't even hear the music!

If this tune doesn't scare you - what about the drunken stooper sleepers? The ones you invites, and paid the way for all to have them get so relaxed that they sit down on the dance floor because they just want to chill... Imagine planning for this amazing milestone event and how memorable you were planning to make it with your closest friends, family, co-workers and then no one wants to participate. Talk about a party bummer!

All this talk brings us to the third example of a pole dance party gone left - the complainers! You know - the hot and bothered - the fighting drunks...the one's who become negative nancy's bringing up childhood grudges when they have poured it up a little too much. Is this really the definition of fun? We know this is absolutely NOT what you had planned when you decided to schedule a private pole dance party at your local dance studio. When you bought all of those birthday party decorations and planned those fun bachelorette party games.


This is why when booking a pole dance party certain rules do apply. These are not meant to be the policeman featured above sabotaging your party fun, but meant to guarantee it. This is meant to ensure everyone leaves in one piece, sober and still friends. No take overs, no sleeping, no boxing matches, and no negative pole dancers! With Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED Premium Party package we do not spoil all the fun - and we offer liquid courage in celebration functional quantities :) So spin on while still being sober and make this special occassion a milestone everyone not only can remember but wants to remember!

Signing off as "Your Party Experts"

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