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5 Ways to Eliminate the Stress of Party Planning

Why does planning FUN have to be so stressful?

ANSWER: It is the expectation that the event is going down in history for being the MOST spectacular moment of all times and no one with a brain wants to drop the ball on those demands! Especially, when it is someone else's once in a lifetime celebration.

Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED of Dallas, TX has complied a short and straight to the point list of five ways you can ensure you plan a phenomenal event that will make it in the history books of the guest of honor and you still keep a full head of hair :) #yourewelcome

TIP #1

Plan Way in Advanced. It is better to be early than late, not the other way around. Planning your events early will allow you more time to become even more resourceful, innovative, and reconsider alternatives to some of the most difficult party planning items on your list. Just grab a note pad and brainstorm all of the event ideas, needs, and possibilities and keep it close by as new ideas come to mind. This shall eliminate the pressure of needing to get all the details right in one sitting.

TIP #2

Enlist Volunteer Help. Let's face it. Planning a party has many moving parts and chances are you aren't an expert in every single area. All of the big event planning companies partner with others to make the most memorable experiences come to life and they went to school for their craft! Find someone within your circle of friends and family that can help you in smaller tasks as you navigate and focus on the bigger more pressing matters. This may be tough to do at first, but once you feel the load of planning lighten you will appreciate their help and be comfortable allowing them to do what they are great in while you focus on what you are great in.

TIP #3

Focus on the FINAL OUTCOME. Getting off track can be easy to do with planning events that have so many fine details, but you have to keep your ultimate goal in front of you. What do you want the special guests to feel once they enter your event? What is the party theme? what are you even throwing a celebration party for? Allow all roads to point back to the main purpose of the event. If you find you are doing something that doesn't support your desired final outcome - remove it from your list of to dos.

TIP #4

Take Time for Self. It is SUPER easy to abandon self during this process of building a memory for someone else, but DON'T! Remember that you can't save other's if you aren't safe yourself. Besides, who wants a grouch planning their events or even hosting it? If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed to the point of utter frustration or anger that is a sign to STOP party planning and regroup to come back and pick up planning at a more productive time. If you war against this advice - you will only unravel all the hard work you put into the planning process during happier times.

TIP #5

Stay Flexible My Friends. What Party on Earth goes off without a hitch? Maybe a very small percentage, but when you are dealing with people, particularly larger groups of folks things get hairy. Someone is bound to show up late, break something, forget supplies, costs may inflate, emotions may flare, and the list unfortunately goes on. DECIDE upon the initial party planning phase that you will STAY flexible no matter what. When something comes up, evaluate all your options and pick the BEST one that speaks to the Final Outcome (Tip # 3).

We hope that these few planning tips ill take your party to the next level and keep you sane in the process! Remember...It is FUN you are planning, so keep a smile on your face throughout the planning stages. Everything will be just fine!

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