Looking for a Pole Dance Party in Dallas?

Looking for a Pole Dance Party in Dallas Tx?

Most people searching for pole dancing parties are doing so because they want to try something different for a specific celebration. Night clubs, Girls Night In events, and Adult Toy Parties are typically the normal go to event for bachelorette and birthday parties, until NOW!

Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED is the most creative way to celebrate any occasion and feel good about it. We do mean “feel good” figuratively and literally, as pole dancing is still a fitness activity regardless of the amount of fun you have while doing it. When reserving a private class you get the luxury of an intimate studio lesson with only those you invite and a hostess trained in bringing the fun to the occasion. No experience is required, only a willingness to participate and a fun spirited invitee list.

Party games and pole dance spins and sexy walking are a few of the happenings during the private pole dance parties. Most people who have experienced pole dancing will tell you it was so much fun and that it was a great workout too. It is certainly the right combination of sexy and adult fun. Party goers can be as young as 18 years old well into their senior citizen years. Music is pumping, party lights are going, and laughter absorbs the room, and then there is the occasional bead of sweat.

Pole dancing is the greatest gift to women as it allows you to embrace sensuality, the kid in all of us, and serve your physical fitness needs of staying active and strong. If you are hesitant about booking a private pole dance party, don’t be – you LIVE ONCE! The unfortunate part for you is that you will probably fall in love with the class and be back for our regularly scheduled programming :)

When in the Dallas and Fort Worth Texas Area please be sure to reserve your private class with Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED by visiting www.poledancepartiesunlimited.com or calling 214-390-6885 ext 101 to Book!

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