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Pole Dancing Parties Near You! We Put The FUN in Parties!

Hello Dallas and Fort Worth DIY Party Planners! Are you coordinating a Birthday party? Bachelorette Party? What about a theme party for a Girls Night Out as a fun get together? Pole Dance Parties Dallas has the live entertainment you are looking for. With our personalized party packages you can create the party of your choosing and not limit your creativity. We have researched tons of reasons people love a party and have been able to create our party packages to suit those inner party girl desires.

Whether you want to twerk to Cardi B or get slow and sensual to old school Mariah Carey as a wedding planning strategy we have the pole dance lessons for you. Our dance studios are yours to bring on the party decorations and lay out all of the fun and memorable party favors for your guests. Even if you just want to keep it simple a ton of party supplies are not necessary as we provide the stripper poles and the highly skilled "pole – fessional" to teach you and all of your uncoordinated friends how to pole dance! We guarantee you all will leave with new pole dance tricks, some sensual exotic floor work skills, and whatever other style dance you choose to learn while partying with us. We are masters at bringing out your inner sexy even for the shyest party goer! We make all our pole dance party guests feel like they have arrived at the doorstep of sexy and announce themselves that “Honey they are home!”

Birthday Pole Dancing Parties Dallas Fort Worth

Do something different this birthday, girls night out, or for the once in a lifetime bachelorette party. Get active, get wild, and be silly in the exclusive pole dance studio setting with those you are most comfortable with. Be guided to move your body in ways you never thought was possible and love every minute of it! Be a queen for the night and take home our party favor – Sensuality!

Wait no longer to reserve your pole dancing party at the pole dance studio near you. Pole Dance Parties Dallas have multiple party locations to choose from conveniently located in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Reserving a Pole Dancing Party is hassle free and easy. Email us and let us know all the things you want from your party and we will join with you in planning the night of your life – and do all of this at an affordable rate! Rest easy knowing your bookings are risk free and that you are booking a pole party with a company who puts professionalism first! Don’t Be Tardy for the Party! Call NOW (214) 390-6885 or EMAIL US at



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