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9 Health Benefits of Social Gatherings AKA PARTIES!

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We all know that partying with others makes us feel good, but what about it is actually good for us?

Parting is nothing more than extreme socializing. I know for introverts this sounds like a horror movie to you, but if you knew how healthy it was for you – you may think twice about being so reserved.

There are many benefits to getting together with friends so be it in small or large groups and Pole Dance Parties wants to share with you what those health benefits are.

Check out the short list of all the party favors – attending a party actually provides!


Partying with others can reduce stress. Being around others allows you to focus on something greater than yourself and your problems. It also can give you an opportunity to learn about others’ dilemmas and Thank God for your small defeats.

Partying can increase your lifespan. Granted it has to be a party without alcoholic comas and drug paraphernalia – however the social aspect regenerates creativity and purpose and belonging allowing you to feel loved and needed. This is a key need of human interaction which is why exile is the harshest of punishments because it isolates the human need of belonging.

Partying reduces the risk of depression. Partying among others allows your attention to be redirected to something hopeful and happy. Music and smiling are contagious. The increase in endorphins allows for a productive mood variation that can lessen the torment of depression.

Partying increases self-esteem. The more you party, the more conversations you will have which will allow you to practice on your inner boldness and courage. Someone is bound to approach you in a social gathering and the more this happens the more you will feel comfortable in your own skin.

Partying allows for an increase in mental health. With all of the different social interactions, sounds, lights, smells, touches you are increasing the usage of your mental faculties and in a sense exercising them into good health. Stimulating the mind to keep up socially propels your mental health into a positive direction.

Partying can increase income. We all think partying depletes income, and yes in a sense it certainly can when done the wrong way. Keep in mind however that partying is like networking and your social circle equates to your net worth. Shaking hands in a social gathering could lead to shaking hands in a high dollar business deal.

Partying can strengthen your immune system. To party in a social setting with others who make you feel good puts your body in a positive state. You become thankful and joyous of those around you and for the warm interactions. The healthy mentality is the driving force behind your physical health. We are what we think about.

Parting can lower your risk of dementia. Social engagement keeps your brain ping ponging in thought as you are trying to keep up with everything buzzing around you. Not to mention, you are trying to dig up conversation starters and past things to discuss with those around you. Exercising your thought process in healthy interaction can aid in lessening your risk for dementia by developing strong social skills.

Partying helps you sleep better. The extra z’s doesn’t just come from the long hours out on the town, but also from a place of fulfillment. Feeling loved is like a security blanket, warm, cozy, and snuggly fresh. You rest better when you are happy and content. Positive social engagement provides high levels of fulfillment.


The list can certainly continue but I think you get the point! Get out and get social. Find friends and meet up tonight!

Developing your network has many health benefits and is a form of asset protection. IT is true that it isn’t about what you know, but who you know. No amount of money or material resources in the world could replace the benefits of positive and wholesome human connection.

Make sure to remember when you plan parties now, you are donating into the riches of life, longevity, and health.

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