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Holiday Pole Dancing Parties

What is the Holiday time known for? Bringing together people to reflect on the past year, enjoy friendship, share love, and have a great time!

Everyone is always seeking how to make this year's holiday party more special than last year. To bring a unique flair and special memorable feel to their time shared with loved ones.

Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED is a perfect partner for this holiday season. We are more than Bachelorette parties and wild ladies nights - we are fun team building, clean humor, and a silly place to just be you.

Bring in food, refreshments, friends, family, and we bring you the entertainment. Pole parties are a great holiday party planning tool when thinking about something to do while those delicious meals are cooking!

BEST YET - Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED offers affordable prices to fit your holiday budget. Call us today to plan your holiday party that everyone will love! (214) 390-6885


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