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How to Prepare for Your Pole Dance Party

There are so many reasons to have a pole dance party in Dallas with your friends – birthdays, bachelorette parties, team building, or just to have some fun!! When you get to your pole dancing party, you’ll be assigned an instructor who will lead your group in a warm-up exercise and then teach you how to do some beginner moves. We don’t require you to bring any special equipment or wear an outfit designed specifically for dancing. You just have to show up with yourself and an open mind!

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself and your friends for an amazing experience at your pole dancing party.

Plan what kind of experience you want

Just as there are so many reasons to have a pole dancing party in Dallas, there are so many different types you can have! Most places will offer a few different themes. For example, here at Pole Dance Parties we have Pole Dancing, Moves and Mimosas, Seductive Dance Class with Pole Dancing, and Premium Pole Dancing packages. Alcohol is only allowed in the Premium and Mimosa parties.

Once you’ve selected your package, check in with your group and ask everyone if they want to follow a certain theme! It can be super fun to coordinate everyone’s outfits and makes for some great pictures.

Wear comfy clothes

Speaking of outfits, let’s go over what to wear at a pole dancing party! You should wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, but not too baggy that it will get in your way as you swing around the pole. We recommend wearing leggings or exercise shorts with a tank top – don’t worry about get cold! Things really heat up in the pole dancing party room.

Don’t wear lotion

One of the most important rules of pole dancing parties is no body lotion! Feel free to moisturize your face as normal but make sure you keep your skin clean and dry. Skin that has lotion on it is slippery which can make it difficult for you to perform the moves properly, at best. At worst, slippery skin can be dangerous as it could cause you to slip and slide. We promote safety above all else at our pole dancing parties in Dallas and want everyone to have an amazing time!

Bring props and decorations

If you and your pole dance party group are going with a certain theme, feel free to bring props! Feather boas, hats, funky glasses, and creative outfits are totally welcome, as long as you can dance safely in it.

And what’s a party without decorations? We welcome your pole dancing party to bring their own decorations as long as they are easy to put up and take down and won’t disturb the flow of the class. Cake and non-alcoholic refreshments are welcome, as well!

Get excited!!

The #1 thing you can do to prepare for a pole dancing party is to get hyped up! The class is instructed by a professional dancer who remembers what it’s like to pole dance for the very first time. They will guide your group along while making sure everyone is comfortable with the moves and, most importantly, having fun!!

Don’t settle for the same old get together at your friend’s house that you’ve had dozens of times before. Next time you’re looking to celebrate something, or just want to have some fun, book a pole dancing party in Dallas!


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