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"Social Distancing" births "Personal Closeness"

Written by Company CEO Teresa Saffold

Open up any news story or broadcast and you will not only see recommendations , but heavily enacted mandates for social distancing from the governmental authorities all over the world. social distancing means to stay inside your homes, don't touch others, wear protective gear around everyone, no group gatherings large or small, and the list goes on. As an already disconnected society, we are now being warned to go further into self isolation and lessen the in person interaction for the sake of saving our society.

At a time in which we are being encouraged and mandated to physically distance ourselves from others.... We are finding ourselves forced into the companionship of isolation. Studies have proven that isolation can be damaging, unhealthy, cruel and unusual punishment to our species because we were created to be social. We thrive off of the vibrational sounds of one another, we produce positive hormones from human touch, we yearn to be a part of a group and feel the in person connection that being around others provides - it is the complete opposite effect of being alone.

But there is one caveat to this mayhem the virus, COVID 19 is creating. There is actually a positive in the partaking of social distancing if we look into it deep enough. That positive is that if we are to socially distance ourselves from others, the focus now solely goes on us. We are alone. We are isolated. We are present with only ourselves.

This isn't a punishment. This is a blessing.

For many of us life does not afford us solidarity. There is no time alone - there is no time to regroup - there is no time to learn of oneself. We are close to everyone else's needs, but our own. Every single day it is ready set go and do for others, and meet their demands, and listen to their comments, and consider how you affect them, and go off of work's agenda, and be present for their topics, and so on and so forth. We don't have the time to ever think about who we are, what we want, what we need, what we are passionate about, what we are capable of, and how we can increase the values of our lives...until now.

NOW.... you are being forced to literally DO YOU.

More people should be jumping for joy at this opportunity.

Stillness is being forced upon us, but it is a good thing. This mandate is only temporary so isolation will not last forever. By far the saddest fact of life with or without a Pandemic is that the majority of people do not know themselves. They don't know what they like, they don't know what they w​a​nt and they don't even know what they need. ​I beg you to use this time to not only socially distance yourself but maximize the opportunity for personal closeness. You shouldn't come out of this still not knowing who you are - still not knowing what you have to offer, still being lost within.

The opportunity to become a new creature awaits as we do our due diligence to help heal our society. ​

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