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Throw Your Alter Ego a Party with this Weekend Fun Tip!

Having trouble something to do on Eventbrite this weekend?

Then twirl in for some pole dancing lessons with friends! Tease your alter ego with our dance poles and party among friends. Dip it down low and be bootylicious with your twerk class Party Hostess.

Pole dancing in DFW is the best fun you can have when you want to try something new.

Our DFW pole dancing parties are available in any local dance studio near you! We have experienced dance staff that makes your fun their business!

We plan all your party details with you so that your pole dance party is talked about for years to come! With all the party options and local events in the DFW, you will not regret choosing Pole Dance Parties as a weekend party pit stop.

Affordable party packages so you can focus on fun and amazing guest service so you can rest assure your group will be well taken care of.

Our DFW Pole dance studios are located in Plano, Ft. Worth, Dallas County and Arlington, TX. No matter what parts of DFW you find yourself in we have a pole dance studio hear for you!

Don’t wait to plan your perfect party.

Go to our website for more details and planning a pole dance party in the DFW.


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