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Why Pole Dancing in a Fit Environment is Important

Why Pole Dancing in a Fit Environment is Important

Does your space raise the bar for a safe and fun pole dance class session? At Power BAR Women’s Fitness, our BAR Babes classes can help get you to the next level while offering a positive experience and safe training environment.

We’ll let you in on some things to consider when choosing the best place to practice pole dancing, so you’ll be in an environment fit for learning! Prioritizing safety is the most important part of the process, starting with the class environment. A safe workout atmosphere is essential because pole fitness involves a combination of dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, and aerial arts. Before students participate in a pole dance class, the training space should meet certain criteria.

The Ideal Pole Dance Environment

Open and Inviting

The area must be welcoming, inclusive, and spacious enough to safely perform all exercise moves. Ideally, you want to be in an atmosphere which provides support, positivity, and patience, so that you can learn, build up strength and confidence while achieving your fitness goals. It should be a place where you gain motivation, empowerment, a sense of belonging and desire to return.

Safe and Secure

It’s important that you feel physically and emotionally safe when you’re working out. The space should be private with window coverings (if applicable) and the door locked to prevent disruptions, or unsafe situations during class. Students should not feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or rushed while training. Poles have to be securely mounted to the ceiling and floor for stability with routine safety inspection and maintenance. Crash safety mats must be available to students during class to avoid serious injury while engaging in complex moves.

Knowledgeable and Supportive Instructors

Pole dance classes and fitness instructors should offer a range of training for different skill levels. Students need clearly defined expectations prior to beginning a class, which means that the trainer should be certified to establish the class structure and properly demonstrate exercises according to class style and skill level. Fitness instructors must have the ability to teach pole safety practices, spot students and assist those who require more support in class while promoting a safe learning environment.

Site Maintenance and Cleanliness

The floors in the training space have to be clean, clear of debris and dust, and undamaged to prevent potential injury. Poles must be cleaned and sanitized with regular maintenance between classes to allow for easier pole grip. The locker room area and bathrooms for students should be clean and comfortable to use.

Everyone at Power BAR is committed to providing students with all of the encouragement and comfort that they need to succeed in a fun and secure atmosphere!

Are you ready to raise the bar and join the Babe community? Our certified fitness coaches would love to give you the ultimate strength training and crash course in self-confidence!

So, what are you waiting for? Register for a drop-in class or private pole dancing lessons at any of our locations and join us for an exciting BAR session today!


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