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Bachelorette Pole Dancing classes GROWING in popularity!

Bachelorette Party Group poses with their Bride to BE as they celebrate the last fling before the ring

As the old quiet "ladies nights in" are disappearing with tradition POLE DANCE classes are spinning in as the NEW "Thing to DO" for all those team brides! Whether the bridal party is a small group or a huge entourage private pole dancing classes are a great pick. Where else can you rent a private venue, take a fun fitness class, set up decorations, food, and drinks, and be ENTERTAINED for around 20 bucks a person?

Unless you are renting a room at the recreation center along side of the day's out Senior citizen crew it would be difficult to beat this value of FUN! Plus, who wants to be bored while you are creating memories to last a lifetime - literally! You must not forget the BONUS for choosing a pole dance lesson as part of the Bachelorette Party events - it will compliment your goal of shedding those last few pounds to fit into the wedding dress or even balance out the night full of calories you and your bridal team may partaking in that celebratory evening.

Taking a Pole DANCE class as a way to celebrate comes with more benefits that can be named, even long after the party is over! You might even find a new fitness passion. With all these benefits it is a no brainier why Brides to be are opting in for Pole Dance classes as a Bachelorette Party option. It will surely start the party off right!

Be sure to check out for what we offer in packaged Pole DANCE FUN!

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