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What to Expect at a Pole Party…

The phenomenon of pole dancing parties has gained immense popularity in recent times, but not everyone is familiar with what they entail. If you have questions about what happens at these parties, you're in the right place!

If you're envisioning an extraordinary pole party, you've landed in the perfect spot. We've got you covered with all the answers to your burning pole dancing party inquiries and insider tips to ensure your gathering becomes an absolute sensation! Get ready to ignite the energy, dazzle your guests, and create unforgettable memories that will have everyone talking for years to come.

This page is here to provide you with all the essential details and help you navigate the world of pole dancing parties. Discover what exactly a pole dancing party is, how it is typically organized, and how to find a professional who can host the party either in a studio or at your own home.

Additionally, you'll find helpful links below to assist you in planning and preparing for your own unforgettable pole party. Let this simplified guide be your go-to resource as you embark on the exciting journey of hosting your very own pole dancing extravaganza!

So, let's dive in and unlock the secrets to hosting a pole dance party that will leave everyone in awe!

Pole Party Necessities

What to Bring

When it comes to attending a pole party, the only thing you really need to bring is yourself and a gift if the occasion calls for it. Leave your worries at the door and come with a positive, funky, and fun attitude that's ready to party! Pole parties are all about letting loose, embracing your inner dancer, and having a blast with friends. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or simply gathering for a fun night out, bring your enthusiasm, energy, and a willingness to try new things. Get ready to groove, spin around the pole, and create unforgettable memories. So put on your dancing shoes, grab that gift if needed, and let's get this pole party started!

However, if you come bearing the decor, here’s what you need to know…


At Pole Dance Parties Unlimited, we believe in creating a vibrant and personalized atmosphere for your pole party. That's why we don't charge you for decorations! We encourage you to bring anything you'd like to adorn your party environment and make it uniquely yours. From balloons and streamers to banners and twinkling lights, feel free to let your creativity shine and transform the space into a festive celebration.

However, we kindly ask that you keep a few things in mind to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. While we love seeing your creative ideas come to life, please be mindful of the time it takes to decorate. As much as we want you to have the perfect party setting, we won't be able to grant extra time for decorating once your party officially starts. To make the most of your allocated time, we recommend communicating with the host/hostess of your party and arriving a little earlier to set up your decorations


When it comes to attaching decorations, we ask that you refrain from using heavy-duty tape or sticking anything directly onto the poles. Our poles are carefully maintained and coated to provide optimal grip and performance. Attaching items to the poles could potentially damage the coating and affect the experience for future participants. Instead, focus on utilizing alternative methods such as removable adhesive hooks or string to hang decorations from walls, ceilings, or other designated areas.

Remember, the goal is to create a festive ambiance without compromising the safety and integrity of the pole dance environment. So, feel free to bring your imaginative decorations, get creative, and transform the space into a party haven. Let's ensure a lively and visually stunning atmosphere that sets the stage for an unforgettable pole dance experience!

What to Wear

When attending a pole party, it's important to prioritize your comfort and freedom of movement to get the best experience on the pole. While your party group may have a dress code, it's still possible to find an outfit that allows you to feel confident and perform your pole moves with ease.

Opt for clothing that is fitted and allows your skin to grip the pole effectively. Most pole dancers prefer to wear shorts as they expose the legs and provide better grip for climbing, spinning, and executing various tricks. Choose shorts that are not too loose or restrictive, ensuring they allow your legs to move freely.

For the upper body, you can wear a fitted tank top, sports bra, or crop top that allows your arms and shoulders to have full range of motion. This will enable you to execute different holds, spins, and transitions smoothly.

If your party group has a dress code or theme, try to incorporate it into your outfit while still considering practicality for pole dancing. You can get creative by adding accessories, such as arm warmers or leg warmers, that match the theme while keeping your skin exposed for better pole grip.

It's important to note that wearing lotion or excessive body oil should be avoided as it can make your skin slippery and hinder your grip on the pole. Keep your skin clean and free from any substances that could affect your performance.

Lastly, wear comfortable athletic shoes or sneakers to ensure proper support and stability during warm-up exercises and non-pole activities; but there may be a possibility that you may pole without shoes.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between adhering to any dress code requirements and choosing an outfit that allows you to move freely and confidently on the pole. By selecting clothing that provides grip, comfort, and practicality, you'll have the best experience while showcasing your pole dance skills at the party.

We know you didn’t decorate & get all dressed up for nothing! So, here’s what you’ll be doing at your party…

A First Look

From the moment you arrive, you'll be greeted by friendly and enthusiastic instructors who are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone attending the party. Before diving into the fun, there will be a briefing on basic safety guidelines to ensure that everyone can enjoy the activities safely - signing waivers.

To break the ice and foster a friendly environment, music will be playing, ice-breaker activities and introductions may be organized, allowing everyone to get to know each other.

As the party gets underway, the instructors will guide you through the fundamental techniques of pole dancing, teaching spins, transitions, and simple choreography that caters to all skill levels. Along the way, there will be group activities and games designed to promote teamwork, boost confidence, and add an extra element of fun to the party.

As the party continues to progress, you'll have the chance to showcase your newly acquired moves and perform short routines during the dance performances segment. It's an opportunity to celebrate your progress and cheer for your fellow partygoers, creating an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

To capture the exciting moments and create lasting memories, photos or videos may be taken throughout the party. These mementos will serve as reminders of the fun times

shared and the progress made during the event. Depending on the party package you choose, there may be optional add-ons available, to enhance the overall experience and make it more personalized to your preferences.

Above all, the pole party will be filled with positive vibes, encouragement, and a focus on having a great time. It's an opportunity to let loose, embrace your inner dancer, and experience the joy of movement. So get ready to have a blast, create unforgettable memories, and enjoy the exhilarating world of pole dance parties!

How Long is a Party?

An average pole dance party usually spans between 1.5 to 2 hours in duration. This time frame is designed to provide ample opportunity for participants to warm up, learn and practice some basic moves, and even put together a short routine if the class structure allows. The time is split between instruction, practice, and sometimes even a cool down period. These parties offer a balanced mix of fun, fitness, and bonding, all within a comfortable and manageable time frame. Please note that the length can vary depending on the specific event package or studio policy.

The Party’s Over…

Before bidding farewell to the event, it's common to gather for a group photo. This allows everyone to capture the memories created during the pole dance party and serves as a lasting memento of the fun-filled experience. You can strike your best poses, create joyful memories, and commemorate the special occasion with your fellow party attendees.

We value your feedback and want to make each party better than the last. So, we may ask you to fill out a brief evaluation form to share your experience. Your input helps us refine our offerings and ensure an even more incredible time for future parties.

As the pole dance party comes to a close, we kindly remind our guests to ensure a timely departure. While we love having you and want you to fully enjoy the party, it's important to respect the schedule and allow for a smooth transition. Your punctuality ensures that everyone can wrap up the event on a positive note.

Unleash The Pole Party Beast!

At Pole Dance Parties Unlimited, we have the perfect recipe for an exhilarating, fun-filled gathering that will leave you and your friends buzzing with excitement.

. . . . . . . .

Remember, each pole dance party is unique, but our format guarantees an exhilarating experience. For more details and exciting pole party themes, be sure to check out our page of frequently asked questions and captivating ideas for special occasions!

So… Are you ready to ignite the excitement at your next event? Well your search is over as you have found Pole Dance Parties Unlimited!

Our unforgettable pole dance parties are the perfect blend of fitness, fun, and entertainment. Picture yourself and your friends unleashing your inner dance divas as our expert instructors guide you through a thrilling pole dance journey. Learn mesmerizing moves, build confidence, and create unforgettable memories together. With our top-notch instructors, vibrant atmosphere, and customizable party options, Pole Dance Parties Unlimited guarantees an experience like no other.

Whether it's a bachelorette party, birthday celebration, or a girls' night out, we have the perfect package to suit your needs. Get ready to feel empowered, embrace your sensuality, and have an absolute blast.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create a truly memorable event. Request to book your pole dance party with us today and let the exhilaration begin!


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