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Dallas, TX - What a Wild Weekend! Pole Dance Party Fun for All!

Are you planning a Bachelorette party in Dallas or Fort Worth Texas? Are you turning another year younger? Well PROVE IT! Come show how vibrant and energetic you are by staying active this year at Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED. We turn fitness into a party - no... SERIOUSLY! Bring your own guest list, and if you leave the Debbie downers at home - we promise we won't be mad. Come out and celebrate with us -

We offer a Private Full Studio Rental, We entertain you all with fun party games, dance lessons in choreography, team building challenges with pole tricks, we even put on a sexy routine for the guest of honor! We pull all the tricks out (literally) to make sure your party is successful and everyone has a memorable time.

Even if there is nothing to celebrate and you want to just have some Girl Time Out - we have you all covered. Experience the joys of fitness, fun, and women bonding within any one of our 4 Dance Studios in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area. You can also book now with minimal down and pay the rest later. WAIT - there is more! We also have eliminated all the stress of your planning by not mandating an accurate head count at the time of booking. This means - you can get your party on the books and work on building your invite list.


Call Today (214) 453-5999 (Ext 101)

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