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Tis The Season for Pole Dancing!

Are you in Charge of the Holiday Party Planning This Year?

Be the Holiday Shero with a PERFECTLY planned Pole Dancing party celebration for the women in the family!

Is your normal tradition to head out to the stores and shop till you drop?

Or do you go see a movie and then go to the same old restaurant each year because you really have no clue as to what else is out there?

Want to do something more entertaining for you and the other ladies while the men of your lives parade around the television set with beers in hand chanting and debating over football stats and game highlights for the entire night?

Do something your normal self wouldn’t do and reserve our entire Pole Dance Studio in Dallas or Fort Worth for a private, fun filled, and action packed night of pole dancing and laughter. What woman on Earth isn’t vying to try pole dancing?

Women love the idea of feeling on top of the world as she sexy walks to the dance pole, takes a step into a pole spin with one leg up and sensually glides around until she gracefully rolls out with sassy hip sways and teasing head tosses.

Pole Dancing Party Ideas for Holiday Parties Dallas Fort Worth

We know, we know this might sound crazy as you are a beginner at Pole Dancing and are probably saying to yourself, “Yeah Right! – I’d be the one to fall on my face!”

Rest assured our Pole Dancing Party Hostesses will guide you and your entire pole dance party entourage into complete and utter amazement with what you actually will be able to accomplish while partying with us. We take your Pole Dancing Lesson step by step and add in fun moves to keep the fun and laughter going – like twerking and floor work lessons.

This Private Pole Dance Party will be one for the Holiday Photo Albums for years to come! We also guarantee the men will be more than happy to learn of your pole dancing excursion as Pole Dancing is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come!

Planning a Pole Dancing Party in Dallas or Fort Worth is certainly easy to do and is very affordable. Split the group rate tab with the other ladies who will spend the night out with you during this event. Bring in your holiday liquid courage and pole dancing cheer. We promise that your holiday event will be spent well in our dance studio as you grab hold of a fun, active, and social filled event that is sure to spin your socks off!

For more information on how to reserve a Pole Dance Party in Dallas or Fort Worth

be sure to visit: or

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