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5 Reasons You Must Throw a Pole Dance Party! "THE" Way to a Fun Girl's Night Out of E

By nature Pole Dancing Parties provide a thrill that sitting at a cold, loud, restaurant stuffing down calories as you watch other people engage in conversation could never do. Eating is fun and all, but we all know that slow sleepy ghost that follows right after you've downed a few cocktails and greasy potato skins... When it comes to party planning most people only know to chose a local restaurant for a fun time. Maybe they may chose bowling, a movie (EXTRA BORING), or a comedy show...but Our Blog is here to highlight the BEST pole party benefits that you can expect and hopefully save you and your party guests from a night of boredom and crowded misery. If what we have to say, as industry leaders in pole dance parties doesn't change your mind...then maybe your night out crew is better suited for people watching and sleep inducing celebrations. Yet, For all the REAL FUN PEOPLE read along and let's get the PARTY STARTED!

Birthday Pole Dance Party Celebration in Arlington Fort Worth Texas


Pole Dancing Parties Bring Out the Kid in You.

Are you an adult that is absolutely tired of being an adult all the time? All of the protocol and politics... Want to let your inner child come out without judgement? A Pole dancing party allows you to be silly and kid like as you learn how to spin on the dance pole. You have to be willing and daring enough to lift both feet from the ground and to actually spin like good old times on the playground. You may feel silly doing it at first, as you whisk away from the floor, a little uncontrolled, but free - however the joy from your kid at heart will make up for any foolish feelings you may have momentarily.

Pole Dancing Parties Breed a Social Environment.

A Pole party is certainly an interactive event! Being social, even if that is not your nature is absolutely imperative as you learn the dance moves your pole party hostess will teach. You will have to talk to figure out how to pole dance! There is no awkwardness in hosting pole dance parties as the pole is the star of the show and you are too busy trying to figure out how to master it to be a shrewd! No more dreading how to pump up your guests to get them talking - let the dance pole do the work for you.

Pole Dancing Parties Often Come with a Dance Studio Rental.

The perk of having a place to party is a big deal when planning a special event such as a Bachelorette Party or Birthday event.Sometimes the party venue is the biggest hurdle to overcome. When reserving a pole party, one of the major perks is that you also are renting out the private space as well. This can remove a lot of stress in party planning by having one central place all guests can meet and party during normal party hours. Skip the local recreational center reservation for a Tuesday afternoon Bachelorette Party and go for that Friday Night Happy Hour Experience at your local Pole Dance Studio like a REAL Party Woman would do!

Pole Dance Parties are SUPER AFFORDABLE!

Oh the guilt of a little party splurge can be overwhelming, when you truly splurge... BUT a typical pole dancing party may cost on average $20- $30 per person and provide you with at least a full hour of full entertaining unadulterated fun! You can cut costs in planning your pole party by bringing your own refreshments, adding an exciting party theme and allowing all guests to pitch in on the night out event. When you party together you can share the cost in a night out and get more value than if you shared a cheap appetizer! Don't cut out the fun to save money party planning - Reserve a Pole Dancing Party Near You Today!

Pole Party Class Lessons Go On long after the lights go out...

If you want to get the maximum value for your party dollars, than you want to do something that will benefit you even after the celebration. Most after party memorabilia comes from photos on our Iphone and Social Media accounts, or left over party favors - but Pole Dancing will last as long as you let it live on! Why? Because the movements and choreography lessons learned in your pole dance party will be something you can continue to practice and perfect even when you are home alone. You can use the body movements as a quick exercise routine, for romantic rendezvous, or just to show off how cool your pole party really was to others! The value of a pole party is more than just for the night - kick your one night stand celebrations to the curb and get a real event that will last a lifetime! So with all of these reasons why you should book a pole dance party at least once, we can bet that you have a clearer understanding on party planning at the dance poles now! Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED is a local company in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas that specializes in F-U-N. We host thousands of events, small to large party groups all celebrating something very unique and different. Our parties hosted have spanned across age lines, gender lines, physical ability lines, and any of course party theme lines. We just want to celebrate life with YOU! Keeping you and your guests active and learning. So if you are Visiting Dallas, a local, or a passer through - come see us at the BAR - and schedule your next adventure with pole dancing! Party On!

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