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What is a Pole Dancing Party and Should I Schedule One?

Yes!! well... let Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED explain more ;)

A Pole Dancing PARTY is different from a pole dancing class because it is not as focused on fitness and is more relaxed. 

It is more about the Taboo of Pole Dancing and tends to lean more into the exotic dancer world by just having fun in a fantasy type of way. 

Most people will not reserve a pole party to try and lose weight or gain muscle, but to have a glass of wine and move their body in a sensual way with friends. 

Pole Dancing is so fun and so versatile you can inject it into any occasion. You can be buttoned up and mainstream with the fitness or let go of all inhibitions with the party side and twerk the night away. 

In pole you can be the tennis shoe wearer or the stiletto type!

Pole parties are more focused on FUN than learning and Heavily focused on bringing people together over progressive goal attainment. 

If you are interested in learning how to pole dance, start with a beginner pole class OR. a party. 

It is super traditional that many people who take a pole class for the first time do so with a friend..... so just bring a group of them!!


Pole Dance Parties UNLIMITED is based in Downtown Dallas Texas in the Deep Ellum district and has multiple party locations all over the DFW. 

Whether you live in or around..... OR  you are flying into Dallas or Fort Worth we have studios near you. 

We recommend scheduling some time at our chrome BAR and letting loose. 

We also do practice COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS and stay on top of our health and safety practices!

GO ONLINE TODAY to Learn More at


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